Knob and hook Monday, Nov 12 2007 


This could be said to be the sum of my accomplishments today (although that would not be completely true).  However, it is the most significant thing I did since I don’t count getting groceries or picking up my car after a new muffler was installed.

In my older house, there is a built-in pantry at the top of the stairs leading to the basement.  The knob came off in my hand not long after I bought the house and I could see it was not the first time, as it had been patched with glue (which obviously didn’t hold).  I’ve lived with the hole in the door…until today.

Today I decided to cover it with a hook that sticks to the wood, something I haven’t always trusted.  I bought a knob to install a little bit above the hook.  The door is too thick for the bolt that came with the knob, so I went to a local hardware store that has everything.  Everyone knows if you need some obscure item, this is the store to visit.

 The young man suggested a 1 1/4″ bolt or a 1 3/4″ bolt, charging me 15 cents for the two (and keeping my 1″ bolt)!  I needed the longer one; in fact, I could have used a 1 1/2″ bolt, but until this one falls off, I won’t replace it. 

I think it looks pretty cool.  🙂


Red door is finished Sunday, Nov 11 2007 


Now that my furnace is running more, Petra has found her favorite napping place. 


My red door is finished, except for cleaning the paint that got on the handle and lock.  I learned a lot about sanding and painting in the doing of this project. 

Red door and fall leaves Friday, Nov 9 2007 


Although raking and bagging leaves become a chore, I’m trying to also enjoy their color.  I’ve finished the front section; after lunch I’ll continue raking/bagging some more then I’ll take the bagged leaves to the city department. 


Will my red door saga ever end?  After much trepidation I began the sanding (three times: 80 grit, 220 grit, and 600 grit). My DeWalt sander works really well and it went much better than I expected.

Today I used a roller and put on another coat of heritage red.  I think when this dries and I add one more coat it might be finished.  I’m happy with it.

Quilting supplies Wednesday, Nov 7 2007 


 I now have two of the sections stitched together, am finishing the third.  One to go.  I’m hoping these will turn out to be placemats.


As I contemplate putting a border on, I knew I needed help.  So, as for most things nowadays, I go to the internet.  Found a site for beginner quilters that looked good:  Then I did the same for supplies:

So far, so good.  Made my list and visited JoAnn’s:  rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler, fabric scissors, cotton quilting thread, hoop.  Found them all even though it took me a long time to make my decisions.  Decided against the beautiful Gingher scissors in favor of the cheaper Fiskars.

Chose an Olfa sale package, which included the cutting mat and two rotary cutters (18mm and 45mm).  A display by Fons&Porter had a ruler that I liked (8″ by 14″).  The cutting mat is small, but it will do for now. 

After using my placemat as a pincushion, that was on my list, too.  Fons&Porter had a brightly-colored tomato with a dangling, emery-filled strawberry–which should keep my pins and needles sharp.  Made sense to me!  (By the way, all the F&P things were 40% off or I might not have succumbed.)

The wooden hoops appealed to me more than the plastic so I got a 6″ hoop in the embroidery department.  I’m going to be “working small” for some time until I feel I’m ready to go larger, so a small hoop will be good for now.

Once I post this for today I’m going to sew more pieces together until I have four sections.  I bought another packet of 8 “fat quarters” (these terms crack me up!!) in Ohio; this will be used for the border.  These colors will knock your eyes out, but I’m having fun with it.  I “won” four fat squares; those will be used for the back.

Probably as I “mature” in this work, my colors will be more subdued. 🙂

I also got some cotton batting but forgot to include that in the picture.  It’s not worth taking another just for that. 

Experimenting with quilt piecing Tuesday, Nov 6 2007 


I’ve stitched the middle pieces together; now I’m ready to sew the smaller pieces to the larger ones.


I’ve said I’m not a quilter.  However, during the shop hop I bought a small packet of very colorful squares and am now seeing what happens when I sew them together.  This will all be done by hand since I don’t own a sewing machine.

 Much to my surprise, I’m finding this restful and peaceful.  No predictions, but even this much isn’t what I expected.

Ohio quilt shop hop Sunday, Nov 4 2007 


Ohio weather was clear, sunny, cool; we had perfect weather for five of us to enjoy the country quilt shop hop for 2007 in the Amish-Mennonite section of the state.  The trees were still beautiful with gold and red colors.


Although I’m not a quilter, the vibrant colors of the fabrics were an exceptional visual treat. 

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